Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: American Gods

10+ years ago I was a little girl too young to feel comfortable reading a huge hardcover book, but somehow the title and the cover art has stayed with me. Somewhere at the back of my mind I always planed to get back to this book.

10+ years later, I realized I'm still a little girl who'd blush and cringe at every rude joke in the book. Even so, I fully enjoyed the story. Mythology, be it Egyptian, Greek, Norse, or Asian, interests me. Yet one does this book no justice to say it is a book about ancient mythical beings--not to me at least. I love the twists and turns of a mystery, the thrill of adventure, and touches of humanity here and there. "American Gods" has it all.

Reading it was like savoring good wine--over the course of several days. The tastes keep changing. And there is always some kind of aftertaste that lasts through the night, making you dream weird dreams and wake up feeling funny. But guess what? I like that.

Because it feels real.

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