Saturday, October 26, 2013

Easy Reading: Fortunately, the Milk

TGIF! What a nice day it was to go down to the local library and get some easy reading material. I heard about Fortunately, the Milk from Neil Gaiman's Tumblr (Nice marketing, Mr. Gaiman!), and had wanted to get my hands on one ever since its publication last month. Imagine my excitement when I found out that the library already have several copies and I can place a hold for one (They circulate fast and were all checked out.). Now imagine what it's like to finally get a message after a week's waiting:

The following item(s) you requested are being held for you:
Gaiman, Neil.
Fortunately, the milk /
The item will be held until: 11/04/2013

It was heavenly! Skipping down the streets with my headphone on, I couldn't be sure if the silly grin was due to the giddiness of knowing what I was about to pick up or the cheerful audio book playing on my headphones (The book was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang narrated by David Tennant.) was simply too much fun.

With all these excitement, I finished the book in no time. And I am happy to say, it absolutely lived up to my expectations. The story was most curious. 10 years ago I would find it fantastic. Now, nearly an adult, I find it cute and silly. I nearly forgot how good it is to read adventure stories without having to feel anxious about the characters. Another great element of children's books are the illustrations. How I adore them! People with curly fingers, animals standing on their hind legs, strange creatures with big eyes.... Fortunately, the Milk has become one of my all time favorite children's books. It is something I would love to share with my younger cousins and probably read to them when I have the chance.

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